CELL DIVISION Questions (Biology) for +1 Medical Class


CELL DIVISION Questions / Important Questions on CELL DIVISION (Biology)/ Previous Year Important Questions on CELL DIVISION (Biology)/ Top Ten Questions on CELL DIVISION (Biology)

CELL DIVISION Questions : “CELL DIVISION “ is extremely important topic of Biology  for students of 10+1 (Medical ) class .The objective questions on “CELL DIVISION” (Biology) with answers for 10+1 Class are very important for various competitive Exams like NEET, BSC agriculture ,  etc.

Top ten CELL DIVISION Questions (Biology) for +1 Medical  ,NEET and all other +1,+2 base  exams .

CELL DIVISION Questions (Biology)




1. During mitosis, ER and nucleolus begin to disappear at ……………. .
a) Late prophase
b) Early prophase
c) late metaphase
d) early metaphase

2. Mitosis is similar to …………. .
a) Meiosis I
b) Meiosis II
c) Both a and b
d) None of these

3. Which of the following represents the best stage to view the shape, size and number of chromosomes?
a) Interphase
b) Prophase
c) Metaphase
d) Telophase

4. During metaphase mitosis chromosomes ………….. .
a) undergo coiling
b) line up at the equator
c) undergo coiling
d) break and disintegrate

5. Number of chromatids at metaphase is ………… .
a) two each in mitosis and meiosis
b) Two in mitosis and one in meiosis
c) Two in mitosis and four in meiosis
d) One in mitosis and two in meiosis

6. During cell division in apical meristem, the nuclear membrane appears in ………… .
a) Metaphase
b) Telophase
c) Anaphase
d) Cytokinesis

7. Mitotic anaphase differs from metaphase in possessing ………….. .
a) Same number of chromosomes and same number of chromatids
b) Half number of chromosomes and half number of chromatids
c) Half number of chromosomes and same number of chromatids
d) Same number of chromosome and half number of chromatids

8. How many mitotic divisions are needed for a single cell to make 128 cells?
a) 7
b) 14
c) 28
d) 32

9. Which aspect of mitosis is affected by colchicine in inducing polyploidy?
a) DNA replication
b) Spindle formation
c) Formation of cell plate
d) Chromosome doubling

10. Meiosis takes place …………… .
a) Only in haploid individuals
b) Only in diploid individuals
c) Both in haploid and diploid individuals
d) None of these


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