Fill the blanks Questions with Answers for SBI PO/ Clerk ,SSC CGL 2018 all Upcoming Competitive Exams

Fill the blanks Questions with Answers

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Fill the blanks Questions with Answers

Fill the blanks Questions with Answers

Q1. He held ________ to the books passionately.

(a) on

(b) in

(c) off

(d) away


Q2. There is only one member who has not paid his ________ and he has promised to pay before the end of this month.

(a) remittance

(b) honorarium

(c) subscription

(d) allowance


Q3. The teacher gives many examples to________ the idea contained in the poem.

(a) bring about

(b) bring In

(c) bring forth

(d) bring out


Q4. The rich parents decided to send their two sons to Eton the stronghold of the ______of the rich.

(a) parents

(b) ancestry

(c) pedigree

(d) progeny


Q5. The magnificent ________ temple was constructed by the Chinese.

(a) eight-centuries-old

(b) eight-century’s-old

(c) old-eight centuries

(d) eight-century-old


Q6. Madhu has not been able to recall where________ .

(a) does she live

(b) she lived

(c) did she live

(d) lived the girl


Q7. If I hadn’t come along at that moment Rahim ________ the one arrested instead of the real thief .

(a) might been

(b) may have been

(c) can have been

(d) could have been


Q8. It’ll rain soon ________ ?

(a) won’t it

(b) bought it

(c) isn’t It

(d) may it


Q9. They needn’t worry ________ ?

(a) isn’t it

(b) doesn’t it

(c) don’t it

(d) heed they


Q10. King George V’s accession ________ the throne was celebrated with great pomp.

(a) for

(b) with

(c) against

(d) to




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  1. a
  2. c
  3. d
  4. d
  5. d
  6. b
  7. d
  8. a
  9. d
  10. d


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