Important Questions on BIOMOLECULES (Biology) for +1 Medical Class

Important Questions on BIOMOLECULES

Top ten questions of BIOMOLECULES (Biology) for +1 Medical  ,NEET and all other +1,+2 base  exams .

Important Questions on BIOMOLECULES (Biology)/ Previous Year Important Questions on BIOMOLECULES (Biology)/ Top Ten Questions on BIOMOLECULES (Biology)

Important Questions on BIOMOLECULES: “BIOMOLECULES “ is extremely important topic of Biology  for students of 10+1 (Medical ) class .The objective questions on “BIOMOLECULES” (Biology) with answers for 10+1 Class are very important for various competitive Exams like NEET, BSC agriculture ,  etc.

Important Questions on BIOMOLECULES

Important Questions on BIOMOLECULES (Biology)

1: Waxes from protective coating on:
(A) Leaves
(B) Fruits
(C) Animal’s skin
(D) All of these

2: The four nitrogenous bases which form the code words for DNA language are:

3: DNA and RNA differ in:
(A) Sugar only
(B) Sugar and purines
(C) Sugar and pyrimindines
(D) Sugar & phosphate

4: A bond formed between carboxylic acid and alcohol is:
(A) Ester bond
(B) Amide bond
(C) Phosphate bond
(D) Ionic bond

5: When amino acids in a polypeptide chain are arranged in spiral manner, it is called:
(A) Primary structure
(B) Secondary structure
(C) Tertiary structure
(D) Quaternary structure

6: The step of protein synthesis in which the information contained specific segment of DNA is copied into RNA is called :
(A) Transduction
(B) Translation
(C) Transformation
(D) Transcription

7: Choose the pair of terms that completes this sentence :
Nucleotides are to __________as ____________ are proteins.
(A) Aminoacids______Polypeptides
(B) Genes _______ Enzymes
(C) Nucleic acids _____ Amino acids
(D) Polymers _____ Peptides

8: Which of these terms includes all others in the list :
(A) Nucleic acid
(B) Purine
(C) Nucleotide
(D) Nitrogenous base

9: The compounds made up of simple repeating isoprenoid units are called :
(A) Neutral lipids
(B) Terpenoids
(C) Waxes
(D) All of these

10: The term Protein was coined by :
(A) Berzelius
(B) G.J. Murlder
(C) Bloor
(D) T.H. Morgan

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1. D
2. D
3. C
4. A
5. B
6. D
7. C
8. A
9. B
10. A

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