Indian Polity

“Indian Polity” 26th JUNE 2017 for all competitive exams.  

“Indian Polity” is a very important topic for the students who are preparing for SSC, PCS, IAS, Punjab govt. test,Central govt. test and other competitive exams.

1. Which term is not used in the Preamble of the Indian Constitution?
(a) Republic
(b) Integrity
(c) Federal

2. Which of the following schedules of Indian Constitution is related with the allotment of seats in Rajya Sabha?
(a) First Schedule
(b) Second Schedule
(c) Third Schedule
(d) Forth Schedule

3. The idea of organization of panchayats as a duty of state is mentioned in which part of Indian Constitution?
(a) Chapter I
(b) Chapter II
(c) Chapter III
(d) Chapter IV

4. Under Which Constitutional Amendment has education for children aged 6 to 14 years become Fundamental Right?
(a) 86th Amendment
(b) 88th Amendment
(c) 90th Amendment
(d) 92nd Amendment

5. The source of the basic structure theory of the Constitution of India is:
(a) The Constitution
(b) Judicial interpretation
(c) Opinion of jurists
(d) All of these

6. Article 249 of the Indian Constitution is associated with the functions of:
(a) The President
(b) The concurrent list
(c) The State list
(d) The Union list

7. Which of the following articles of Indian Constitution enunciates fundamental duties?
(a) Article 14
(b) Article 35
(c) Article 32
(d) Article 51(A)

8. 73rd Amendment of the Indian Constitution was passed on the recommendation of which committee?
(a) Balwant Rai
(b) Deepak Kumar
(c) Kirit Parikh
(d) Ashok Mehta

9. The Indian Constitution is divided into
(a) 16 chapters
(b) 18 chapters
(c) 23 chapters
(d) 25 chapters

10. Which article of Indian Constitution deal with amendment list?
(a) Article 320
(b) Article 328
(c) Article 354
(d) Article 368

1. (c)
2. (d)
3. (d)
4. (a)
5. (b)
6. (c)
7. (d)
8. (a)

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