Medical & Engineering Streams, India’s Lifestream

Just completed your 12th grade and looking for some guidance, then this article is totally for you. Without wasting any time let’s jump right in. To answer that increasingly complicated question we will look into the two major streams in education.


Figure 1: Engineering Vs Medical


There are so many courses to study, yet we tend to acknowledge only Engineering and Medical Courses. This is not all the problem though. Our country’s roots are based deep in its heritage and richness of the knowledge from Vedas, Shastras, etc. The country looks at the education system as it is, divided into these respective fields. So as the prime focus of the article is about choosing between Medical/ Engineering Streams.

Here’s A Focused Take On The Medical Field

MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery and it is an undergraduate course offered in the field of Medicine, which on completion will be awarded an MBBS degree. MBBS Course is a 5 and a half year long course which also consists of a year-long internship.

The course kicks off with all the basic biology & chemistry subjects and by the end of the 4th year, students should be able to remember and recollect all that they studied and implement it in their internship. Internship or Clinical Training is a very essential part of the curriculum because treatment needs clarity and understandability. The Medical Council of India sets standards for all the Medical colleges in the country to make the future doctors more reliable. As, medical Professionals are very much needed for the society and our lives depend on it.

Figure 2: Medical Sciences more than saving lives


MBBS Course is said to be highly competitive because of the curriculum. It is established according to the standards and it continuously inculcates the previous case studies to look into the protocols, for future practices. A thorough practical knowledge is very much needed along with the practice of standard procedures.

Engineering And Its Impact

Engineering is changing the world around us in a rapid phase. Engineers have a very keen sense of design and methodology, this enables them to transform ideas into workable products. There is no doubt that the technology which the doctors end up using today, is understood, designed, analyzed and manufactured by an engineer. Engineering is all about the B.Tech courses offered in it. A student who completes a 4-year undergraduate course will be awarded an engineering degree. Engineering is a platform where a student gets to indulges himself in different fields of science.

Figure 3: Engineering – More than a Gold Rush nowadays


In INDIA there are over 10,000 engineering colleges registered under AICTE. Even if we agree or not, Engineering is in great demand. An engineer is emphasized to think practically yet on out of the box ideas which can be implemented to the existing problems. There are a lot of Professors who keep motivating their students to work on the public problems to come up with breakthrough solutions. The 4-year course not only enhances the science and engineering aspect of a student but also enables to make decisions according to the situation to face the uncertainty and ambiguity in order to manage risk.

An Engineer is a continuous learner and he keeps learning and updating himself with new skills and knowledge. Colleges play an important role in making students understand, how important it is or them to stay updated. B.Tech Courses are offered by almost all the B.Tech colleges in Ahmedabad, which are registered under AICTE.










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