Important questions of environment for ssc/ias/tet/nda/cdse etc

1. Acid rains are produced by
(a) excess NO2 and SO2 from burning fossil fuels
(b) gas excess release of carbon monoxide by incomplete combustion
(c) excess production of NH3 by industry and coal
(d) excess formation of CO2 by combustion and animal respiration

2-Upper part of sea contains
(a) plankton
(b) nekton
(c) silt
(d) benthos

3- Green house effect is warming due to
(a) infra-red rays reaching earth
(b) moisture layer in atmosphere
(c) increase in carbon dioxide
(d) ozone layer of atmosphere

4-Major aerosol pollutant in jet plane emission is
(a) sulphur dioxide
(b) carbon monoxide
(c) methane
(d) fluorocarbon

5-Gas released during Bhopal tragedy was
(a) methyl isocyanate
(b) sodium isothiocyanate
(c) potassium isothiocyanate
(d) ethyl isothiocyante

6-Acid rain is due to increase in atmospheric concentration of
(a) ozone and dust
(b) CO2 and CO
(c) SO2 and CO
(d) SO2 and NO2

7-Deep black soil is productive due to high proportion of
(a) gravel and calcium
(b) sand and zinc
(c) clay and humus
(d) silt and earthworm

8-Most hazardous metal pollutant of automobile exhausts is
(a) cadmium
(b) mercury
(c) lead
(d) copper

9-Ultraviolet radiations from sunlight causes a reaction that produces
(a) fluorides
(b) carbon monoxide
(c) sulphur dioxide
(d) ozone

10-A disease caused by eating fish contaminated by industrial waste, containing mercury compounds, is called
(a) osteosclerosis
(b) Hashimoto‘s oxidase
(c) Bright‘s disease
(d) minimata disease


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