QUESTIONS ON PARA JUMBLES are asked in every Competitive exams. Most of the questions asked in SSC , UPSC,PCS, Bank exams are based on the grammar usage. QUESTIONS ON PARA JUMBLES for all upcoming Competitive Exams like IBPS PO/ Clerk, IBPS RRB, SBI, SSC CGL \ CHSL\ MTS, PCS, UPSC, IAS ,etc.





Directions: In these questions, the first and last sentence of the passage is numbered 1 and 6. The rest of the passage is split into four parts and named P, Q, R, S. These four parts are not given in proper order. Read the sentences and find out which of the four combinations is correct.



1.The fox and the crane remained friends for a long time.

P.She served the dishes in a beaker to the fox. The fox could not eat It because the beaker was very high.

Q.The crane could not eat the dishes because of Its long beak. The next day it was the turn of the crane to host the lunch for the fox.

R.But the fox wanted to show that he was cleverer than the crane.

S.So one day he invited the crane for dinner and served the dishes on a plate.

6.The fox put down its head in shame and went away.

(a) PQRS

(b) QSRP

(c) RSQP

(d) PSQR



1. No one can deny that peasant forms the backbone of the nation.

P.Hence he is the most useful member of the society.

Q.Yet this fellow is exploited by the rich.

R.He grows food for the whole country.

S.It is our duty to improve his lot.

6. We should grant him the social status he deserves.


(b) RSPQ

(c) SRPQ

(d) SPQR



1. It is very misleading to say that computers can ‘think’ like people.

P.However, they make It possible for people to ‘bottle’ thought.

Q.They have no more a mind of their own than a lawn mower.

R.They can not.

S.You work out how to do a particular job, write a program and then the computer applies your thinking to that job as long as you like.

6.In this sense computers are half alive because they perpetuate thinking of their creators.

(a) RQPS

(b) PSRQ

(c) SQPR

(d) QSRP



1.My friend went to live in a village.

P.But is was a very slow animal.

Q.So my friend bought a donkey for Rs. 500

R.One day his new neighbour told him that he must buy a donkey.

S.Every family there had a donkey.

6. It did not like to work.

(a) RSQP

(b) PQRS

(c) SRQP

(d) QRSP




1.People have wrong calculations about Japan’s population.

P.No, this is not true.

Q.And old people die more often than the young,

R.There are more old people in Japan.

S.The question is whether Japan has a lower death rate.

6. So it is very high in Japan.


(b) SPRQ

(c) PRQS

(d) RQSP



1.A bad habit is harmful, none as harmful as smoking.

P.But habit is second nature, smokers remain smokers for life

Q.Besides being expensive, smoking does injury to one’s health

R.In the long run he may get something worse lung cancer

S.A smoker gets nothing but smoke for his money

6.Then why get that bad habit?

(a) RPQS

(b) QRPS

(c) SPRQ

(d) PRQS



1.In this life there are no gains without pains,

P.No victory is a real triumph unless the foe is worthy

Q.Life, indeed, would be dull if there were no difficulties

R.Both winner and loser enjoy a game most if it is closely contested to the last

S.Gainers lose their zest if there is no real struggle

6.Whether we like it or not, life is one continuous competition.


(b) QSRP

(c) QRSP

(d) RSPQ



1.Failure is nothing to be ashamed of for there is hardly any man who has not failed in life, not once but many times.

P.What is important is the way we take our failure

Q.It has been well said that he who never made a mistake never achieved anything of great worth

R.From the little child who tries to stand up to the would-be conqueror who tries to conquer some new territory, everyone has to face failure

S.If we face our failure boldly and resolve to fight again we are sure to achieve victory in the long run

6.Thus failures can prove stepping stones in our march to victory.

(a) RSQP

(b) PQRS

(c) RPQS

(d) RQPS



1.The landscape

P.with Nature displaying is awesome

R.that are seldom

S.a range of delights

6.seen together


(b) QPSR

(c) RSPQ

(d) QRSP



1.It is far better to live for a short while :

P.contribution to the world

Q.and make some significant

R.that is just idled away

S.than spend a long life gossiping and playing.

(a) RQSP

(b) SQPR

(c) QPSR

(d) RQPS



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1. c
2. a
3. a
4. c
5. c
6. b
7. c
8. d
9. b

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